6 Interesting Facts about London Roads


You just fitted your new car with legal number plates and want to drive around London. But do you know the history of London roads? London’s road network began around 50 AD when the city was just a small Roman port known as Londinium. The city now boasts of more than 9100 miles of road. Below are six interesting facts about London roads.

Drive on the Right

A Handful of Interesting Motorway Facts

Although we utilise motorways across the United Kingdom every day, we often take for granted their unique history as well as some quirky facts. The next time you hit the road with a set of new number plates, you may view your journey a bit differently.

Is Bigger Better?

The Best-Selling Cars of 2017...So Far

With more choices than ever before, consumers across the United Kingdom can enjoy a wealth of driving options. Still, some cars rise to the top of the list. Let's take a look at a handful of the best-selling cars that can enjoy even more appeal with the help of Number Plates.

The Ford Fiesta