A Handful of Interesting Motorway Facts

Although we utilise motorways across the United Kingdom every day, we often take for granted their unique history as well as some quirky facts. The next time you hit the road with a set of new number plates, you may view your journey a bit differently.

Is Bigger Better?

The widest motorway in the United Kingdom is the M25 adjacent to Heathrow Airport. Boasting an incredible six lanes in either direction, the difference between the M25 and the width of the A601(M) in Lancashire is stark. Some portions measure only 7.3 metres (24 feet) wide.

A Surreal Experience

If you are looking for a break from the normal driving doldrums, why not head to Gateshead via the A1 motorway? You will be able to observe a massive sculpture colloquially known as the "Angel of the North".

Keep Your Eyes Open

Recent statistics have show that a stretch of the A18 in Lincolnshire is the most dangerous motorway in the United Kingdom. Although only six kilometres long, approximately ten fatal deaths occur here every year.

Buckle Up

If you are looking for a white-knuckle ride, why not cruise over to a motorway in Wales known as Ffordd pen Llech? This road has an upward gradient of 40 degrees! Be certain that you have a strong parking brake if you decide to mount your new number plates supplied by our firm.