All the Fixings

Although there is no doubt that obtaining road-legal number plates is very important, many drivers will require additional accessories in order to make certain that these devices are affixed firmly to their vehicle. We are more than happy to supply a number of different options based around the needs of the driver. So, what can you expect to encounter when utilising our services?

One Size Fits All

Long Drives in the United Kingdom: The Lure of the Open Road

With well over 300,000 miles of roads, the United Kingdom offers drivers a kaleidoscope of means to experience a variety of sights and unique destinations. Once you have secured your very own set of number plates through our services, what can you expect to enjoy?

Historic Beauty

The History of UK Car Registration Numbers

We're so used to cars having number plates that it may come as a surprise that cars had already been on our streets for nearly a decade before someone thought they needed registration. Without number plates, there was no way to hold a motorist accountable for an accident or a breach of the law, as long as he could get away fast enough. The Motor Car Act was passed in 1903, and Earl Russell camped out overnight to get the first ever registration, A1, for his Napier.